Patti Austin And Marion Meadows Perform Live Aboard The Hornblower Infinity Smooth Cruise Of NYC

Review and photos by Keshia Graham, TheHotZoneUSA.com

What a wonderful evening we had here in The Hot Zone, aboard the new Hornblower Infinity cruise ship. This night was definitely one to remember.

The cruise ship has 3 floors of fun, a top, front and back deck with an exciting view of the Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey skylines and the perfect seating areas of your choice. The main floor is equipped with a general and VIP seating area, the buffet and bar section and the performance stage. The second floor has an open center area with seating around the open view so that you can embrace the stage at a higher glance. The third level is an outside area where you can sip on a margarita and hear the sound of the ocean and the music from inside.

A live DJ started off the evening playing jams that were, of course, some of the most memorable tunes in the world of Jazz music. At this moment, everyone enjoyed the dinner buffet, which held everything from pineapple sliced glazed ham and pan seared atlantic salmon to stir-fry mixed vegatables and penne alla vodka pasta. Believe me when I tell you, the dinner was awesome and filling. The bar served mixed and straight drinks, with the option to have a glass, a pitcher or a bottle of your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Aside of the DJ and other amenities, there were a couple of live performances to help rock the boat during its journey throughout the Hudson and East River. The first performance was done by Marion Meadows and his band. Meadows was the only man on the saxophone and he definitely did his thing. He had the crowd at ease as he played such beautiful music.

Like Steve Lacey said, ‘you can work the saxophone alone, but ultimately you must perform with others,” and that is what Meadows did. On stage he had someone rocking the drumset, a mean pianist who broke down the keys during his solo performance, and a guitarist who wasn’t afraid to rock out during his solo set. Some of the classic tunes played were songs of his own and others.

Imagine hearing the flow of the sax and sipping champagne…letting the breeze blow through your hair while the boat cruises alongside of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The picture that I am painting has no comparison to the real thing.

The second performance satisfied the crowd when Patti Austin took the stage. Singing some throwback songs from artists such as Marvin Gaye and Paul McCartney, she rocked the boat at sea. Austin has such a beautiful soul that shined like the moonlight that glides above sea water. Her bubbly spirit came about when she gave the crowd a few jokes and mocked a few celebrities that she’d admired.

Austin let us know how much she adored being around people and what today’s culture means to her. “There is no culture of the country,” she said during her performance break. “There’s only a culture of the freakin’ world. The only race that exists is the human race.” Her voice definitely brought us home. It was a pleasure meeting her.

We danced the night away to some more jams before the evening ended. This cruise is a great way to meet people and mingle with a crowd that enjoys the same things as yourself.

Music is the key to the soul, why not embrace it on the lovely smooth cruises of NYC. With cruise dates from now until the end of the summer, you can choose this music cruise as a date night, anniversary themed event or just a night at sea. The food is amazing, the views are spectacular… It’ll be a perfect evening for you. Check out the listing of future cruise dates to come here.